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vendredi, 30 août 2013

Metal Girl

metal girl, valentine morning

AlmaSoror se résout à publier la lettre de Val Morning à L.T., presque dix ans après...

"Vous, vous jugez selon la chair ; moi je ne juge personne".

Nous ne jugeons rien. Qu'elles reposent en paix.

metal girl, valentine morning

Metal Girl (Val Morning)

To L.T

Metal girl,

Where are gone

The blue insistences


At childhood times


The vault of heaven

And flew over

The crystal Acropol

Where we were exiled ?


(Is childhood still your refuge

When Europe is blue ?)


Only us

Could see them,

For we had touched

Elsewhere's dreams

With our little satin-fingers.

Alas !


Ran away,

And I look for

The alchemy of chromosoms

That lets

The way to the other side of the world



Is Childhood still your refuge

When Europe is blue ?


Galaxies let us down ;

They pursue their spherical cycles,

With the lack of concern

Of the adolescents

Who will never wake up old.

I know that you know

That youth is inscribed in us

Like the past lives are

In the stones

Of faraway




Is childhood still your refuge

When Europe is blue ?


But we must bear this moving mask

Earthy life imposes,

And which will turn and crumble

In Dust,

In alluvium.

We were exclusively built

For the beauty of elusive things ;

We've been imposed

The glaring uglyness

Of garish reality.


Opium and smoke,

Alcohols and words

Are sweet shores...


But me,

I still wait for

The return

Of the big flying vessel.


Metal girl

I have become a motels girl

While you married

And settled.

Do you remember

The dangerous games and crazyness ?

My body grew up

And opium


Instead of candies and stories.

But nothing has changed.



Is childhood still your refuge

When Europe is blue ?


Val Morning (R.I.P.)

metal girl, valentine morning, edith de cornulier lucinière


"Au matin j'avais le regard si perdu et la contenance si morte que ceux que j'ai rencontrés ne m'ont peut-être pas vu." Arthur Rimbaud

Écrit par : une citation d'Arthur R | dimanche, 03 novembre 2013

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